The No Diet Detox Diet That Works!

by James Khan

Why Detox Diets Don’t Work?

Detox diets don’t work because people tend to do things in cycles where they over eat junk, processed or cooked food with too much starch, get fat, then go on a starvation diet and exercise like mad to remove the fat by almost killing themselves.

Then they’ll just go back on the old ‘normal’ diet and put the weight back on and more with a new found vengeance!

Another reason is that the detox diets don’t address the underlying psychological issues, the mental and emotional associations the we have.

We tend to associate ‘bad’ food with pleasure, and ‘good’ food with pain. This is the result of advertising and other conditioning that we receive from society.

What is required is a true understanding of food and nutrition, and a mental and emotional reconditioning process such that we associate pleasure with eating good food, and pain with eating bad food.

Then we won’t eat the food that is bad for the body. It just won’t taste good, we won’t enjoy it or even like it.


A Good ‘No-Diet’ Detox Diet

A good detox ‘diet’ is not about dieting, its not about limiting calories; it is not a starvation diet.

It is simply a mechanism for providing the body the best nutrients that it needs and cutting out the junk. It’s about allowing your body to flush out toxins that you have accumulated over the years and those that you daily add simply from normal metabolism.

It’s about selecting the best foods to eat based on nutritional content, not on advertising. Eat foods that are alive (that is raw) and have the best nutrients. Eat foods that are easily digested.

It’s about re-educating or re-conditioning oneself such that we enjoy good food – you eat good food because you love it, it makes you feel great, gives you lots of energy.

These are foods like: whole unprocessed foods, preferably organic; raw foods such as fruits and salads, fruit and vegetable juices; cold-pressed oils, pulses and sprouted beans, nuts and seeds, fresh herbs and spices, good meat and fish, lightly cooked.

These guides by Daniel Reid I have found to be excellent on the best foods to eat and why:

Therapeutic Juices and Foods


Eat foods in the right combinations – don’t eat foods that fight, in the same meal. Read this page on the best ways to combine food: Food Combining Diet

Most of all, drink plenty of pure water, preferably ionized alkaline water.


This is a process of re-education – the reason we enjoy junk food, bread, cakes, rice and such is because we have been conditioned to associate pleasure with these foods. You can change these associations.

Foods to Avoid

Avoid foods that are harmful and provide limited nutrients, mainly things like: grains, particularly wheat products (bread, cakes, biscuits, etc), white rice; pasteurized milk, dairy products, table salt, processed foods with artificial additives, fried foods (except lightly in olive oil), artificial sweeteners (aspartame), fizzy drinks, hydrogenated fats, squashes and cordials.


Atkins Diet and Grains

I would avoid any diet that is unnatural like the Atkins Diet. But you should cut out or cut down on grains if you can, and you can! Getting so many people to reduce the consumption of grains has been a great plus for Dr Atkins, though the excessive protein consumption and insufficient fruit consumption has led many Atkins dieters to serious health problems while on the diet.

Grains are mostly sugar (starch), which you really don’t need and there are very few nutrients in grains that your body needs.

So, why eat them?

The dependency on grains (bread, rice, potatoes) is psychological, and acquired dependency. It is not biological. Our bodies don’t need so much grain and will function better without it.

No other animal on earth cultivates grain, and they all live perfectly well without it.

I virtually removed grains from my diet some 10 years ago and feel better for it. About the only grain I eat now is Oats.

Grains were not the staple diet of our hunter gatherer ancestors.

Writings of the ancient chinese Taoists dating from over 5000 years ago warned about the dangers of grain cultivation to health.


Water: the most important substance for the body

Whatever you eat, remember that we are over 70% water and water is required for almost every function by our cells. We can live for several months without food, but only a few days without water.

If there is one thing you must do for your health, it is to provide your body with the best drinking water. Invest in a good water purifier, preferably a water ionizer which purifies and ionized the water, so that you give your body good clean water in the ideal form that it needs.

This is an Excerpt from the Tao of Detox that explains the fundamental role water plays for our health and well being, and why microwater is such an important substance for the body.


Why do we get fat?

Because our bodies create fat to store acid wastes and to prevent dehydration.

Obesity is an un-natural thing. It is very rarely seen in nature, except in domestic or farmed animals.

Of the thousands of species of animals in the world, some that eat all day, man is the only one that gets fat.

Why is man the only animal that gets fat?

Man is the only animal that cooks and processes his food.

Processed and over-cooked ‘food’ gives zero nutrients to the body, actually there is a net loss as the body has to expend a lot of energy to process and store the acid waste products – it takes energy for the body to manufacture cholesterol to store these acid wastes.

Getting fat is a costly process!

It has been shown the we are stockpiling dangerous acid wastes in pockets of fat. The body creates fat to safely handle acid wastes created by the highly acidifying food that we eat. It creates cholesterol to line cell walls to prevent the loss of water because we don’t drink enough water.

It is actually very difficult or impossible to get fat if you eat raw, natural foods.

Farmers know that you can’t fatten up cows and pigs if you give them raw, natural foods, no mater how much you feed them.

The reason we get fat is because we eat ‘food’ that contains zero or very few nutrients. As our body does not get the nutrients it needs, we keep eating and eating. When we consume food that is devoid of nutrients and enzymes our body has to work very hard to digest or eliminate the ‘food’ that we have consumed. Our bodies then create ‘fat’ to store the acid wastes and prevent them damaging our vital organs like heart, liver and and kidneys.

Dr Robert Young hits the nail on the head when he says: “obesity is an acid problem: the fat is saving our lives


What Food Makes Us Fat?

To get fat you have to eat a particular kind of diet:

It has to be cooked, so that the enzymes are killed

It should be full of starch

It should have a strong acidifying effect on your body

It should provide your body with zero or insufficient nutrients, so you remain starved of nutrients and keep eating, eating and eating.

It should be difficult to digest (otherwise your body would process and assimilate it, and not convert it into fatty deposits).

It should interfere with and stop your bodies normal detoxification processes, otherwise your body would naturally remove the access fatty deposits that you’ve created.

It should contain certain addictive substances like sugar, aspartame, processed salt and other additives that ruin your taste for natural foods and get hooked.

It should contain poisons and substances that make you addicted, lethargic and stupid; otherwise you might stop eating it and that would effect the profits of the global food chains!

Typical Supermarket Food

This processed, denatured, dead food is precisely what we get from the supermarkets. Look through the shelves, except for the fresh vegetable and fruit sections, this is all you’ll see.

It’s well advertised so that we think we can’t live without it!

It’s well to remember that by the time you’re 18, you’ll have consumed your body weight in preservatives, additives and other poisons alone. Much of this junk will remain in your tissues unless you detox, and stop eating any more of it.

Truth is, such food will kill you.


Turning it Around

How to lose weight and regain health and vitality?

If you don’t want to get fat, if your tired of being tired, had enough of being sick, if you want to be healthy, then don’t eat this kind of food.

Just say no. Replace it with natural food and good water.

Eat food that is alive and wholesome. Eat mostly raw foods, so that the enzymes and nutrients are present. Learn to prepare tasty raw food – cooking is another thing that other animals don’t do.

Select foods that provide your body with the best nutrients; avoid processed foods and franken-foods.

Most of all drink lots of alkaline water. This is the possibly the most important substance for your body.

Try this for a month, and see for yourself how easily you will lose that extra weight – and it won’t come back.

So simple you’ll wonder why everyone isn’t doing it?

Everyone is not doing it because of conditioning – we are conditioned (brainwashed) by the media, the pharmaceutical-industrial complex and the Governments that are in bed with these corporations that value profits over peoples health and well being. We are also conditioned by our parents, society and history – but we can change this, replace the harmful with the good.

How To Re-Educate, Re-condition Your Value/Reward System?

You need to re-educate your taste buds such that they like nutritious, wholesome, natural foods. Re-educate your psychological value system such that you make the right associations with food, rather then the ones that you have been conditioned to make by the media.

To do this, find the harmful, bad association and replace it with a good one. Look through the mental associations that you have with particular foods. If you can, find out where this association came from, find out how it got into your sub-conscious mind.

Then replace it with something that more beneficial for your health.

For example:

Advertised Conditioning:

A mars a day helps you work, rest and play!

Your Re-Conditioning:

Change this by seeing the lie, and replacing by the facts:

Like hell it does, a mars bar is full of sugar and not much chocolate, which is actually good for health. There’s far more nutrients in an apple or banana that will help your body works, rest and play!


Another example:

Advertised Conditioning:

McDonalds = Ronald = Fun = Happy = Party = Great Time

Your Re-Conditioning:

McDonalds = Processed Plastic food = Zero Nutrients = Obesity = Poisons = Death


You need to do this for all the foods you eat that are not good for you. Go through each thing that you eat, that you know is not good for your body, note your own reward system – why do you eat it?

Why would anyone poison themselves?

Because of the conditioning, the associations of pleasure to the consumption of poisons.

Change the associations that you have been led to create by the advertisers to what is the actual truth.

If you can get this right, you’ll be able to easily alter your diet from one that is slowly killing you to one that will give you vibrant health, vitality and a long life.


Aim for natural no diet natural detox ‘diet’ that will become a way of life for you, and will in the long run be the most effective.

You will not be on a diet, you will just be eating the right things for your body as a habit.You will be detoxifying naturally.

No Diet, No Pain, No Tears, Just Vibrant Health