A. Animal Effectiveness Research

1. Intestinal Fermentation Suppression

(Research conducted by Food Science Course, Faculty of Agriculture, Gifu University.)

Colon health is considered to be at the root of all health or ill-health. Ionized water help the growth of healthy, aerobic bacteria or good bacteria in the gut, while reducing the levels of anaerobic bacteria that can lead to fermentation.

In testing with rats, the intestinal fermentation suppression effect of alkaline ionized water was confirmed under conditions with feed having plentiful intestinal fermentation. In addition, the trend of reducing the malodorous metabolic products of ammonia, phenol, etc. in fecal matter and the effect of suppressing lipid peroxide in blood serum were also verified. Comparison of total amount of short-chain fatty acids in the appendix


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2. Calcium absorption effect 

(Research conducted by Graduate School of Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, Kyoto University)

Ionized water contains alkaline minerals such as Calcium in the ionic. bio-available form that are easily absorbed by the body and help with bone density and bone growth.

It was verified that when rats that were raised on calcium-deficient feed drank alkaline ionized water, the calcium concentration in bones increased and bone formation was normalized, which suggested a link to osteoporosis prevention. In addition, the same effect was observed in animal testing using aging-induced mice, and it was verified that alkaline ionized water acted to reduce weakening of the bone structure



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3. Gastric Mucous Membrane Damage Suppression

(Research conducted by 1st Internal Medicine Dept. of the Kyoto Pref. Medical University)

Healthy mucous membrane lining of the stomach lining is vital for the good digestion, reducing ulcers and overall health.

In testing using rats, it was verified that drinking alkaline ionized water suppressed gastric mucous membrane damage model (experimental disease induced by aspirin). Pathological observation of gastric mucus



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4. Life Extending Effects

(Research conducted by Medical Research, Animal Experimentation, Saitama Medical College)

Ionized water has amazing life enhancing effects. It works at the cellular level, helping the cells remove acid wastes and toxins. Ionized water also provides continuous anti-oxidant activity for the cells, helping them to live longer.

It was verified that drinking alkaline ionized water provided a life-extending effect in mice and an effect of suppressing lipid peroxides in blood serum, which suggested the possibility of it also having anti-aging effects.


Long-term effects on mice


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B. Clinical Tests

(Collaborative research by 2nd Internal Medicine Dept. of Shiga Medical University and Dept. of Gastroenterology, National Ohkura Hospital).


1. Antacid effect

6 volunteers from whom consent was received were given alkaline ionized water at pH9, pH10, and pH11 to drink (1L/day) and the results of measuring pH inside the stomach for 24 hours verified an increase in pH inside the stomach from drinking alkaline ionized water at pH9, which suggested an acid-control effect.


Intra-stomach pH fluctuation



2. Improved Effects Against Gastrointestinal Symptoms

Patients with gastrointestinal symptoms (chronic diarrhea, constipation, abnormal fermentation in intestines, indigestion, acid indigestion, etc.) from whom consent was received were given alkaline ionized water at pH9.5 to drink for 2 weeks, and as a result, it was verified that there was an improvement in 88% of the 25 patients, and further, normalization of bowel movements was also verified   Improved effects against gastrointestinal symptoms





For a more objective evaluation, the “double-blind comparison clinical test” was carried out. Patients with gastrointestinal symptoms from whom consent was received were given alkaline ionized water or purified water to drink for 4 weeks, and the resulting improvement effects were checked. The results revealed that alkaline ionized water was effective for the stomach and intestines, especially for relatively mild cases. The effectiveness for chronic diarrhea and constipation was also confirmed   Improvement level in mild cases                   Improvement level of stool abnormalities