by James Khan

Holistic Five Pillar Massage is an eclectic form of tantra massage therapy.

It is a  synthesis of Indian and Chinese chi (energy) based massage and healing therapies with modern understandings of anatomy, physiology, bio-chemistry, psychology and psychotherapy.

It is applied, practical and effective energy medicine. This page is a brief overview, along a an explanation of the philosophy behind it.

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It is designed to be an inclusive, non-clinical, truly holistic form of bodywork therapy that addresses the conscious and unconscious needs of the whole person. This holistic approach covers the physical, the emotional, the sensuous, the energetic as well as the spiritual needs of a person.

It is a massage practice that enhances your life energy, essence and spirit. These are the ‘Three Treasures’ in Taoist healing therapies. The practice harnesses the energy of the cosmos (chi/prana) and brings it into your body. You can then use this energy for healing others as a spiritual gift.

The practice incorporates ancient Indian and Chinese massage traditions including Tantric, Taoist, Traditional Thai Massage; as well as modern western massage and bodywork practices including Swedish Massage, Aromatherapy, Reichian Therapy and Psycho-sexual Release.

Each “Pillar” is a body of knowledge and training that together with the other four makes a comprehensive whole.

The five pillars are:
1. Breathing and Connecting
2. Conscious Touch: Sensitivity and Skills
3. Rocking and Releasing
4. Yoga Asanas: Postures, Positions and Movement
5. Techniques and Massage Routines

  • Connecting, Rocking and Pulsing
  • Mind-body reconditioning – replacing negative unconscious patterns with positive
  • Foot massage – Reflexology/Thai/Shiatsu technique
  • Legs/Thighs – muscles, ligaments, joints, pressure points and meridians
  • Yoni massage – optional, details below
  • Hara – massage of the belly and chest, muscles, organs and meridians
  • Arms and hands – meridians, muscles, joints and reflexes
  • Head massage – meridians, shiatsu/acupuncture points, indian head ‘chumpi’ routine
  • Back massage – legs, buttocks, lower back, upper back. Shiatsu/Acupuncture points and meridians, stretch the joints and limbs, bare foot ‘chavutti’ based techniques


About Yoni Massage

Yoni is the sacred space for women, located at the energetic center of the body. It is the origin of life.  This is optional as it can be frightening for some because of inherited social and religious sin, guilt and shame issues connected to this area. It can be exciting, liberating and orgasmic for others. Some people also achieve release of amrita, a powerful and empowering experience. Yoni massage is healing and nourishing at the emotional, physical and spiritual levels. It generates a nourishing and expansive energy that is felt as pleasure and healing in the entire body.


Endorphins and Massage

During this massage your body releases powerful bio-active chemicals and hormones into your body like endorphins, oxytocin, dopamine, phenylethylamine. These substances make us feel better, release stress and heal us of the countless mental ills that inflict us.

The massage helps calm the peripheral nervous system, release tensions, release emotions, reduce pains and trauma, letting you feel love and connection.


Meditation and Learning to Connect and Feel energy

It is not just about passively receiving touch. The five pillar massage teaches you yogic and Taoist meditation techniques to relax, empty and stop your monkey mind. You learn to connect with your center, your sacred space, your power source. You get to a tranquil state of no mind, or the positive state, where you occupy the mind with positive images and positive thought.

You will be guided to breathe deeply, breath using your abdominals rather than your chest. You learn how to bring energy, focus and attention into your body. Like learning to drive, you first learn, then practice – then automatically connect with the energy flow of your center, tense and flex the uro-genital muscles and nerves, as well as the nerves, muscles and energy pathways of the entire body.

You feel the energy flowing, possibly as waves of pleasure in your body, becoming more aware as you let go, relax and surrender to the flow.


Mindfulness and rising above your thoughts and conditioning 

As you breathe you build energy, become grounded and also become mindful of all thoughts and emotions that arise. With practice you learn to rise above them, and they no longer disturb your tranquility and peace of mind. You will then have started your journey of self-development, self-mastery and self-realization.


Psychotherapy and Holistic Five Pillar Massage

Practical bodywork based psychotherapy is a modern approach to understanding and healing oneself. It is based on the work of Freud, Yung, Reich, Lowen and others pioneers in the field of body psychotherapy.

Freud, was a genius and is considered the father of Psychology. He was inspired in part by Shakespeare. He marveled at how well the bard understood the inner working of the psyche that formed character and showed why we do the things that we do. Lady Macbeth, for example, displayed what Freud called ‘neurotic’ and ‘psychotic’ behavior.  She keeps washing her hands, even in her sleepwalking. She feels that this mind created dirt doesn’t come off: ‘will these hands never be clean?’ she asks. The doctor, who observes and ministers to her, cannot help. ‘This disease is beyond my practice’, he says.

Freud, a doctor of Medicine, was determined to find the cause of the disease of mental affliction, and offer a cure to his patients. After years of careful, practical research, he understood some of the workings of the psyche. Freud explained that there was a large part of us that was unconscious, what he called the ‘sub-conscious mind’, which formed some 90% of the mind, 10% or less being conscious mind.

He explained it in terms if id, superego and ego. Neurosis arises as a result of conflict between the urges of the Id (the basic, instinctive, primal, animal, natural urges that we all have) and the super-ego (the ‘moral’, guilt and shame ridden representation of the society in the unconscious mind). The ego develops as it balances and adjusts to these opposing forces of the id (self) and superego (the sexually ill society).

This all happens below or outside our conscious awareness, which is why it he called it the unconscious or sub-conscious. Healing happens when we become conscious of the unconscious conditioning, and then are no longer controlled or ruled by that conditioning and behavior pattern.

Freud explained that a child’s psychic development happens alongside his/her physical sexual development – the oral, anal and genital phases in particular. First to develop is the oral phase, where the pleasure centers of the mouth, tongue and smell are activated. Then comes the anal phase of biological and related psychological development, where the nerves along the anus are activated. Then the genital phase and so on. Freud showed that neurotic behavior such as smoking (oral), compulsive (anal retentive) and depression could be helped by the patient becoming conscious of the cause of the mental illness. The cause is a suppression or repression of a basic urge, and the attaching or ‘anchoring’ of negative emotions of fear, guilt, shame and ‘dirt’ to this natural, basic urge.

Society today is deeply conditioned by Christian ideas of sin, guilt and shame. It believes that the child’s perfectly natural biological growth and development of pleasure urges is ‘perverse’.

Society (modern society) does everything it can to ‘educate’ the child to stop doing the things that it naturally wants to. This basic form of child abuse society calls ‘civilizing’ the child by freeing it from its natural animal instincts, and turning the child into a robot. The child then grows to become an unnatural, robotic, mentally ill adult that, just like everyone else, is a well-adjusted member of a mentally sick society.

If the child does not adjust, then it is given powerful psychotic drugs to keep it sick, and put its natural, animal self in chains.

This therapy is about self-development and liberation, that is to free oneself of these strong mental chains. Neurosis is not natural, you don’t see it in nature. Animals living away from humans are not neurotic or psychotic and live quite happily.



Reich: The Function of the Orgasm

Weilhelm Reich, Freud’s protégé, first outlined the functions of the orgasm in 1927 and dedicated his paper called ‘the Function of the Orgasm’ to Freud.  In this and his other works, Reich explained that the orgasm does not have a reproductive function or the survival related ‘fight or flight’ function, that it has a healing and self-development function. He concluded that “there is only one thing wrong with neurotic patients: the lack of full and repeated sexual satisfaction

Reich called the energy generated by the orgasm as “orgone” and described it as the healing life force or God force of the living organism. It can be thought of as a gift from nature to help heal our neurosis, psychosis, release stress and remove body armor or cellular memories held in our body. Reich’s orgone is the same chi, prana and kundalini life force researched by yogi’s and Taoists.

In 1933 Reich explained in his ‘Mass Psychology of Fascism’ that the fascist mind arose because of sexual repression. Reich called the communists ‘red fascists’ as the mind set was identical to the Nazi fascist, with sexual repression at its root.

Yung was asked how he thought Hitler managed to manipulate the psyche of the entire German nation. Yung said that Hitler didn’t manipulate the public’s psyche, he was the representation of it.

Both Freud and Reich were Jewish, a religion that pre-dated Christianity, when concepts of sexual sin, guilt and shame didn’t exist. The Old Testament is positive about sex. This was also the case in all other older civilizations such as the Roman, Greek, Egyptian, Chinese and Indian, which were built around sex, pleasure and love.

This changed when Rome adopted Christianity as the state religion, when sexual suppression was systematically enforced on everyone. Around 400 years after Jesus, the ‘reformed’ Roman crack pots taught that sex was a sin, that Mary and Joseph never had sex, never consummated their marriage, that Jesus was born without sex, born without sin, that as we all either had sex or were born because of sex we were sinners – “born sinners” as they tell us, who had to repent, confess and drink the blood of Jesus to be saved from the fires of hell.

Being such sinners, we all had to be in fear in mortal fear of a bearded old man, with a stick. We had to feel guilt and shame of our own physical body, particularly the genitals. They had to be covered at all times, never seen, touched,  enjoyed or even thought about.

The world famed Roman bath houses and massage traditions were all shut down by the Christians. The new Christian priests taught that women were evil temptresses, and started to kill them as ‘witches’. Hundreds of thousands to millions of natural, healthy women were killed in public ceremonies’, which acted as re-enforcement to the conditioning and the attachment of fear, guilt and shame to ones sexuality.

This unconscious guilt, fear and shame, and the associated loss of personal power led Europe to the dark ages that we have not yet emerged from. This conditioning is still there, just below the surface.

As we still live under this unconscious Christian conditioning of sin, guilt and shame associated with anything to do with the body, Reich and his revolutionary orgasmatherapy was attacked and ridiculed by everyone, particularly in Austria, Germany, Norway and the US.

The Americans didn’t like his research into sexuality and the orgasm. Reich was arrested and imprisoned by the FBI, had all the tons of his priceless research papers burned by the FDA.  He was eventually killed by the US Government, and died in a state penitentiary, allegedly of a heart attack.

Things have improved somewhat over the years largely because of Freud and Reich’s efforts, and the work of their students and pioneers inspired by them. Reich’s lectures and work helped develop Gestalt Therapy, Bio-energetics, Primal release, dance therapy and modern psycho sexual research and bodywork. He is credited as being the father of the sexual revolution.

Recent research on sex and the orgasm has shown that it does indeed have many positive health effects as Reich explained. These include relieving overall stress, boost immunity, boost the libido, improve women’s bladder control, lower blood pressure, lower heart attack risk, improve cardiovascular health, strengthen your pilvic floor muscles, boost self-esteem, improve intimacy, reduce prostate cancer risk, reduce depression, help with insomnia, help alleviate pain, stimulate general brain function, improve your ability to focus and help you live longer.


Holistic Five Pillar Massage Training

Holistic five pillar massage is an inclusive approach that includes modern Reichian inspired bodywork based psychotherapy and eastern spiritual traditions of China and India. It is a sacred physical and spiritual practice, where the thinking mind with its unconscious guilt and shame is allowed or persuaded to clean itself of its own dirt, and not interfere with the exploration, pleasure, enjoyment, healing and psychic development.

Holistic five pillar massage needs to be experienced and practiced rather then read about. If you are interested in the therapy or in training, please contact us.

As well as 1 to 1 sessions, we also offer regular practical Holistic Five Pillar Massage courses, covering the theory and practice of five pillar massage, energy work, body work and meditation.

Regular five pillar massage training practice will make the process automatic, natural, requiring no thought, free flowing and enjoyable for both the receiver and the giver.

They are practical training sessions with elements of:

  • Traditional Thai Yoga Massage
  • Acupuncture/Shiatsu
  • Traditional Asian Foot Massage/Reflexology
  • Swedish Massage
  • Aromatherapy
  • Moving Meditation
  • Healing Tao/Chi Gung
  • Tantra and Yoni Massage


Learning or experiencing the holistic five pillar massage therapy is a journey in self-development and liberation.  You learn to tune into yourself and your body, you will improve yourself as you learn more about you and grow.

Being an inclusive art form, there is always more to learn, explore, synthesize and enjoy.

Regular massage practice will make the process automatic, natural, requiring no thought, free flowing and enjoyable to both the receiver and the giver.




female accupunture



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Holistic Five Pillar Massage is given from the heart, with love. It is given for the pure, genuine pleasure and joy that comes from giving pleasure and happiness to another.

It is the application of what Rumi said:

Let the beauty of what you love be what you do

For massage therapy or massage training, please send email to: info ‘@’