Ionized water is unlike any other water except glacier water.It is delicious, light, super hydrating and refreshing water. It is made with a water ionizer such as the Microlite JP107 Ionizer, available from for just £500,

Microlite Ionizer and Ionized Water

Microlite Ionizer and Ionized Water

These pages give details about how Ionized Water.from your water ionizer will improve your athletic performance.


Ionized Water and Athletic Performance

by James Khan

A number of top athletes have discovered ionized water and are benefiting from drinking ionized water. Ionized water has been show to help athletic performance in a number of ways. Athletes have mentioned performance improvements including:

  • Better Hydration (ionized water is six times more hydrating due its micro-clusters)
  • Faster, more effective removal of lactic acid build up
  • Increased Cellular Oxygenation
  • Reduce muscle fatigue
  • Greater stamina
  • More energy (low ORP, micro-clustered ionized water provides energy direct to the cells)
  • Faster post workout recovery times
  • Improved overall Athletic Performance
  • Improved Joint Health
  • Less Cramping


How does Ionized water improve athletic performance?

 Exercise, Acidity, Muscles and Fatigue

When you exercise the following changes happen in your blood:

  • O2 is used up
  • CO2 produced
  • H+ produced (acid)
  • Lactic acid produced
  • pH is lowered


All these effects lower muscle pH which leads to muscle exhaustion.


Endurance and elite sports athletes should be concerned about maintaining a healthy pH balance

Dr Robert Burns.

Muscle pH is the crucial indicator for athletic performance and plays a central role for muscle strength, stamina, endurance and muscle fatigue.



Exercising to exhaustion decreases muscle pH to around 6.60. The acidity appears to be an important contributor to the perceived and real muscle exhaustion.


When you are resting, your muscle pH is around 7.2, while blood pH is around 7.4.

During heavy exercise your muscle’s use glycogen for energy and produce lactic acid  As lactic acid levels in the muscles increase, muscle pH is reduced which makes the muscles become weaker, tired and fatigued.

When muscle pH reaches 6.5, the muscle is no longer able to function at all.

You are then feeling totally wiped out. The effects such as soreness, aches, stiffness from build up of lactic acid in the tissues can remain for several hours until the the acid wastes in the muscles are removed and the muscle pH restored to 7.2

Drinking ionized alkaline water will counter these acidifying effects during exercise and will restore muscle pH to 7.2 at a much faster rate.

How ionized water does this is explained below:

The Ionized Alkaline Water Solution

Ionized alkaline water works like no other substance to directly help you maintain an alkaline pH at the cellular level. The characteristics of ionized alkaline water are

  1. Micro-Clusters (making it super hydrating)
  2. Alkaline pH (abundant OH- ions, help restore alkaline balance in the blood and tissues)
  3. Low ORP (making it a super anti-oxidant, to counter the acid free radicals produced during exercise)
  4. Bio-active alkaline minerals (natural electrolytes with negative charge, unlike sports drinks that have a positive charge)
  5. Oxygenated water (oxygen in the stable OH- form, gives oxygen to the cell where it is needed during exercise)

Drinking Ionized water before, during and after exercise is the ideal solution to counter acidity and muscle fatigue. It helps you stay hydrated during exercise or extreme physical training, maintain alkalinity at the cellular level. Ionized water provides energy to the cells (the active hydrogen, H-), provide oxygen to the cells, provide ionic minerals and trace elements to the cells.

How much Ionized Alkaline Water should one drink?

Normally, men need about 2.5 litres of ionized water per day. During exercise you lose a lot of water from sweat, and you also need a lot more water to counter the effects of acidity so you could double or triple the average daily amount.


Andre Agasse

Anthony Robbins, the Peak Performance expert whose clients have included top sports persons like Andre Agasse, suggests that you drink up to 5 litres of ionized alkaline water per day for peak performance.

Drinking this much ionized water is not an issue as it is extremely light water, it rapidly disappears into your cells and does not hang in the stomach to make you feel bloated as tap water does. Just fill a couple of two litre water bottles with ionized water and take it with you to the gym or the game.



Ionized Alkaline Water compared to Sports Drinks

Sports drinks contain sugar and carbohydrates which are designed to get the body ready to do more. However, these actually produce more acids that the body has to neutralize. These sugared drinks raise the insulin levels, block the absorption of fluids and contribute to dehydration.

The top sports drink has a pH of 2.9 and a sugar content of around 28g! This is a very strong acid, and the sugar forces the body to produce more acids as it metabolises the sugar. It actually leaches alkaline minerals from the body and magnesium from the blood to cope with the “acid bomb”. As magnesium is lost, cellular communication can suffer or fail at crucial points leading to injury because a muscle does not receive a signal to contract when it should.

During exercise you are flooding your body with lactic acid. This lactic acid build up is the athletes biggest problem that leads to muscle fatigue, tiredness and soreness. Sports drinks add to this problem by giving your body more acidity to deal with!

Ionized alkaline water, in contrast, is alkaline not acidic; it does not have any chemicals, sugar or carbohydrates and provides micro-clustered water so that the body can be better hydrated. The alkaline water helps restore the ideal pH required for optimum performance by the muscles.

Hydration has been shown to be the key element in optimum athletic performance in many scientific studies since the 1940’s. These studies show that even mild dehydration can ruin athletic performance.

Alkaline ionized waster is also a very powerful anti-oxidant that helps the body remove the acid free radicals produced during sports activity.

During exercise, we sweat out natural salts along with acid wastes. The organic salts need to be replaced. The body needs these salts for many functions, including electrical activity used to communicate between the brain, spinal nerves and the muscles.

Many sports injuries such as Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) are believed to be caused by a failure in this communication or a delay in muscle contraction and coordination between the brain and muscles.

Typical sports drinks do add minerals such as sodium, potassium, magnesium and other minerals for electrolyte replacement. However, these minerals are not in the natural, organic, ionic, bio-active colloidal state that the body needs.

To clarify, if you add several tablespoons of calcium powder to water adnd drink it, your body will not absorb any of that calcium because it is not in the ionic form that it needs.

The ionization process used to create Ionized water actually converts the minerals to an ionic form, which is a natural electrolyte, much like plant juice. The cells are easily able to absorb the minerals and trace elements that they need from the alkaline ions.

Athletes using ionized water have reported more stamina, more energy, shorter recovery time following a workout, and no sugar crash that normally follows a sports drink.



Scientific Studies: Athletic Performance and Ionized Water

The monumental amount of scientific research on ionized water has focussed on specific health conditions rather then athletic performance. However, athletic performance based scientific studies have now been done, which show that ionized water helps to:

  • Increase serum bicarbonates 
  • Reduce the rate of blood lactate accumulation during exercise
  • Improved exercise-induced decline of muscle function
  • Potentially prevent adverse effects associated with heavy exercise


Dr. Robert Burns, PhD and Dr. Susan Lark, MD have focussed on Ionized Water for Professional Athletes in their book “The Chemistry of Success: Secrets of Peak Performance



Two published studies on the effects of drinking ionized water on muscle fatigue are::


New York Yankees Use Ionized Water

After some 80 years following its discovery in Japan, Ionized water is being used by more and more people in the western countries. Recently, the New York Yankees have started using ionized water during training and during games to help with hydration and athletic performance.

The New York Yankees use ionized alkaline water during training and during their games! Teams that implement this new technology train harder, longer, and recover in a fraction of the time.

They see more flexibility and fewer injuries. It’s the next big wave. Sports teams across the country and in Canada and Mexico are picking it up. High school athletic teams, professional sports teams, men and women’s amateur teams, Olympic trainers and athletes…


New York-Yankees-Use-Ionized-Water– Press-Release


Ionized Water: What Athletes Say


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UCI Track World Championships, March 2011

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