Ionized water is unlike any other water except glacier water.It is delicious, light, super hydrating and refreshing water. It is made with a water ionizer such as the Microlite JP107 Ionizer, available from for just £500,

Ionized Water and Microlite Ionizer

Ionized Water and Microlite Ionizer

These pages give details about how Ionized Water.from your water ionizer will help you and your families health.

Ionized Water Summary by Health Experts and Scientists


1. Health Experts and Ionized Water

A sample of what top health experts that have discovered Ionized Water are saying about it


2. Pictures of the Miraculous Effects of Ionized Water

Pictures from scientific papers, documentaries and research on the miraculous properties of ionized water.


3. Microlite JP107 Water Ionizer

Gives details of the Microlite Ionizer, a very good, reliable ionizer that produces the finest ionized water. Available now from


4. Alkaline Ionized Water 

A comprehensive explanation of ionized water


5. Microwater: Alkaline Ionized Water by Dr Hayashi

The original paper by Dr Hayashi that explains the unique physical properties of ionized water, micro-clusters and ORP.


6. Alkaline Ionized Water by the late Dr Mona Harrison

A short summary of the health enhancing properties of ionized water.


7. Uses and Benefits of Ionized Water

Common household uses of Ionized Water


8. Reverse Aging with Ionized Alkaline Water by Dr Sang Whang

This page looks at how ionized water in helping the body remove acid wastes helps counter the effects of aging


9. Anti-Aging Water to Reverse Aging by Dr Sang Whang

Introduction to Sang Whang research on the cause of Aging and about his book Reverse Aging


10. Living Water, Hunza Water and the History of the Water Ionizer

About living water, the ideal water as at the Hunza Valley in the Himalayas where glacier spring water flows and the research and discovery of ionized water.


11. Dr Ray Kurzweil answers questions about Ionized Alkaline Water

Dr Kurzweil is a true genius who has discovered ionized water, which he explains is the key ingredient in maintaining health and lonevity.


12. Ionized Water: The Most Important Health Advance of the 21st Century by water and health expert Blake Sawyer

Blake Sawyer gives a summary of the unique properties of ionized water, making it unlike any other water except glacier water.


13. Introduction to Ionized Water and the Microlite Ionizer

Explains the Microlite Ionizer, the most reliable, affordable ionizer on the market with the longest history of usage in UK, Europe, the USA and Australia.


14. Ionized Water Videos

A range of Videos about Ionized Water.


15 Ionized Water and Infra Red Sauna Research

An overview of the scientific research including medical reports, case studies, clinical studies and university research papers on ionized water and infra red sauna’s.