Ionized water is unlike any other water except glacier water.It is delicious, light, super hydrating and refreshing water. It is made with a water ionizer such as the Microlite JP107 Ionizer, available from for just £500,

Ionized Water and Microlite Ionizer

Ionized Water and Microlite Ionizer

This page gives details about the Microlite Ionizer.

The Microlite JP107 Water Ionizer

by James Khan

The Microlite JP107 is a small device that filters tap water and converts it to the finest Ionized water.

Having one in your kitchen is like having your own fresh, glacier spring water available on tap.

Ionized water is delicious!

Ionized water has unique properties that are unlike any other water except glacier water. It is considered by health experts to be the healthiest substance in the world. The Hunza people who live the Himalayas and drink glacier water are known for their good health and longevity. Scientific studies on the effects of ionized water have confirmed that it is very good for health.

Ionized alkaline water builds the basic foundation for cellular health. Ionized water is great tasting water, is very easily absorbed by the body and is a powerful liquid antioxidant.

Ionize water allows your body to:






Royal Water

Royal Water

Royal Water

The supplier Royal Water (aka Jupiter Science design) has been in water purification since 1970 and has been making water ionizers since 1984. It is considered the best Ionizer brand and is one of the world’s largest producer of water ionizers.

About the Microlite Ionizer

The Microlite JP-107 Ionizer was Jupiter Science’s new model for 2005. It was a replacement for the very successful Jupiter Masterpiece, the best selling and most reliable water ionizer on the market at that time.

The JP107 came with an improved design, better ionization and a unique bi-stone filter. These improvements made a quantum leap in water ionization technology which has not been surpassed to date.

The JP107 soon proved to be a huge success, outselling all other water ionizers in major world markets including the US, Australia, UK and the EU.

It is now the most established and reliable water ionizer on the market.

This is a Comparison of Water Ionizers in the current market – the JP107 performs as good if not better then models costing several times more.


Microlite JP107 Ionizer

Microlite JP107 Ionizer


What does the Microlite do?

The Microlite JP107 Ionizer is a high performance filtration system that changes normal tap water into purified, ionized, energized, alkaline, micro-clustered water. It does the following:

1. Filters Tap Water

The 0.1 Micron bio-stone filter is an activated carbon (charcoal) high performance filter. It is a multi-phase filter, with hollow fibres in between the different layers of charcoal, caoral calcium beads and the tourmaline ceramic.

JP107 Bio-stone Filter

JP107 Bio-stone Filter

The bio-stone filter cartridge is a very effective, state of the art filter that removes all harmful components in water such as chlorine, trihalomethanes, phenols, sediment, odour, organic waste, and bacteria of all kinds.

The impregnated silver kills any germs and the Coral Calcium adds additional organic coral calcium to the water. Coral calcium from the south china seas is considered to be the very best form of calcium and has numerous benefits for our body.


2. Energizes Tap Water

The Tourmaline Ceramic energizes the water as it naturally supplies FIR energy to the water. Tourmaline is a semi-precious mineral that emits far infrared energy (FIR) and changes the surface tension of the water, making it easier to process and beginning the negative ion creation process.

JP107, JP108, JP108, JP104 Biostone Filter

JP107, JP108, JP108, JP104 Biostone Filter

The ionization process with the water having passed through the calcium and tourmaline produces significantly better ionized water, with a lower ORP, then was the case with previous water ionizers without the bio-stone filters.

JP107 Ionization Chamber

JP107 Ionization Chamber

3. Ionizes Tap Water

It then ionizes that water in the ionization chamber made from state of the art Platinum-Titanium coated electrolytic cells.

The ionization process produces alkaline and acidic ionized water, which come out from the acid and alkaline water outlets.

The alkaline ionized water has an excess of negative OH- ions; the acid ionize water has an excess of positive H+ ions.

The alkaline ionized water with all the beneficial alkaline minerals is separated for you to drink. You can use the acid water for washing the skin, as it augments the acid pH of our skin or just discard it.

The alkaline elements in the water that you drink will neutralize acids and mineralize the cells and tissues of your body. You will get alkaline minerals like calcium in a bio-active form, along with micro-clusters which make the water much more hydrating.

How the JP107 Ionizer Works

How the JP107 Ionizer Works

4.  Free Radicals, Anti-Oxidants and Ionized Water

Free radicals have been described as public enemy no 1, they are responsible for premature ageing and the rapid degeneration of our bodies and cells.

Free radicals are toxic, highly reactive particles produced by the body as by-products of metabolism and chemical contamination from food, water and air.

Negative ions with a very low ORP or redox potential stop free radicals by attaching to them and neutralizing their positive charge.

We need abundant supplies of these anti-oxidants to help our cells maintain their health and counter the effects of oxygen and general aging.

Health experts often spend some hundreds per month on anti-oxidants including Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Beta Carotenes, B Complex, Zinc, selenium and other elements that are synergistic and required for effective ant-oxidant activity.

However, even the best, most complete anti-oxidants available are not in the ionic, bio-active form that the body needs for ideal absorption.

Ionized water is completely different as it provides your body with the most effective anti-oxidant activity, in the most ideal, easiest to assimilate form for your cells.

Ionized alkaline water with its abundant negative ions and bias form of Oxygen is a much more effective and powerful liquid anti-oxidant. It is completely natural and does not have any side effects from the chemicals that are used to produce the anti-oxidants that you buy from the health shop.


5. Micro-Clustered Water

Water Ionization technology also breaks the alkaline minerals and the water clusters into smaller micro-clusters.

Micr-clustered water is able to penetrate and hydrate all the cells in your body. This help the body to:



Mineralize and


6. Oxygenated Water

There are two forms of oxygen and we need both. One is a dynamic form, O2, and the other is the stable bias form of OH- mated with a positively ionized alkaline mineral. If you stop breathing, O2 is cut off and you will die. If you body pH goes below 7, OH- is cut off and you would also die.

Himalayas: Glacier Water

Himalayas: Glacier Water

When breathing stops, O2 is first used up and the body will use up OH- secondly, then death will occur. This takes three minutes.

Alkaline ionized water has an abundance of OH- ions. In addition the alkaline mineral that it is bonded with is required by your body, for example, to detoxify toxic acid compounds. Thirdly, the smaller cluster size makes the water much more hydrating, it easily penetrates into the tissue cells.

It’s the case of killing three or four birds with one stone!


JP107 Advanced Technology

The Microlite JP107 uses state of the art Platinum-Titanium coated electrolytic cell, and comes with the latest micro-chip technology.

JP107 Titanium-Platinum Ionization Plates

JP107 Titanium-Platinum Ionization Plates

The Microlite also has a built in automatic electrode cleaning functionality. The unit reverses the polarity of the electrode plate and changes the water flow direction. When self cleaning is taking place, the unit plays a tune!

The advanced computer system is called MICON, which with its Artificial Intelligence lets you control every function with just one touch.

It has a self-diagnosing features that include the analysis of quality, quantity and temperature of water, as well as the ability to prevent an excessive electric current.

The Microlite uses a negligible amount of electricity and the filter lasts for about 4300 litres If you use about 12 litres a day, this will last you about a year, 6 months if you use 24 litres/day.


Microlite JP107 Cost and Availability

The Microlite JP107 Water Ionizer costs just £500 and is available on this site, from, and from

It will be the most important purchase you’ll ever make to improve your health and your families health. Buy it now.

If you have any doubts about ionize water, then read the the hundreds of published scientific studies, medical case studies and many published books from well known health experts about the effectiveness of ionized water.

Microlite running costs

A replacement biostone filter for the Microlite costs about £70, and is readily available.

The JP107 running costs work out at around 0.05 pence per litre, which compared to about 60+ pence for bottled water is virtually free ionized water.

Remember, alkaline water is far better then any bottled water, and you produce it fresh each time.

Bottled water is stored in bottles for many months, which makes it stale and some of the toxins in the plastic bottles leach into your the water.

You don’t need any accessories and there are no parts that need replacing apart from the filter. The unit has a self-cleansing mechanism, which cleans the ionization plates each time you use it.

If you’re still worried about the cost, consider what it will cost you in loss of health and vitality if you don’t provide yourself and your family with the best water that we need.

With the level of pollution and toxins that we are subjected to nowadays in our water, food and air, we are faced with the stark choice: detoxify now or die. Drinking alkaline ion water is the simplest, very effective and plea sent way to detoxify your body.




JP107 Installation and Operation

The JP107 is a simple, easy to install, easy to operate water ionizer. It comes with an adaptor that fits onto your kitchen tap. It needs a tap with an aerator, most modern kitchen taps have an aerator. If yours does not have one, then you will need to change your tap.

The best fitting tap I found is the “Madrid” model, available from B&Q.

To operate, just turn the diverter and collect the water in a glass, jug or fill a water bottle to take with you.



JP107 Microlite and Venus: What is the difference?

The JP107 now comes in two flavours, the Microlite (which has a white cover) and the Venus (which has a black cover).

Both units use the same parts, and are identical in most aspects.

I prefer the Microlite, which is the original unit that has been very thoroughly tested worldwide in the last 10 years. The Venus is a recent release. It is not as popular as the Microlite, and has some additional electronics which in my view means that it has more that can go wrong.

Remember that an Ionizer will get a lot of daily usage, so you want a unit that will continue to work day in day out. The less the electronics, the less are the chances that anything will malfunction.

What about the JP108 and JP109?

Recently, the JP108 Aquarius and the JP109 Orion models have been launched. These models have a much higher price tag, more cosmetic features and more electronics.

These models do not significantly improve the quality of the ionized water produced when compared with the JP107 to justify the additional cost in my view. These models do not have the history of the Microlite, which is a reliable, tried and tested water ionizer.


How does it compare with non Jupiter ionizers?

It is good or better then models costing several times more.

This is a Comparison of Water Ionizers



Microlite JP107: the finest Ionized Water

The Microlite produces the finest Ionized Water, with all the beneficial minerals intact with all of the toxic substances that are present in Tap water removed. It creates iving water The end result is perhaps the best water that you can drink. It is highly oxygenated with all the harmful substances removed and the healthy minerals activated into ionic form, the best bio-active form and micro-cluster size that the body needs.


Scientific Testing of Ionized Water:

How can we scientifically (accurately, truthfully) measure the ‘Goodness’ of Ionized Water?


Ionized water does not only taste delicious, it has specific properties that can be measured. These are:

1. Water Purity Tests of Ionized Water (effective water purification)

2. Measure the pH of Ionized Water (alkaline pH)

3. Measure the ORP or Redox Potential (powerful anti-oxidant)

4. Measure the NMR (water cluster size, very low)

5. Measure the Electrical Charge (a measure of life force)

6. Crystal Images of Water (pure, virgin water)

7. Measure the Mineral Content (high colloidal alkaline minerals)


This section explains what these tests are and the results for the Jupiter Ionizers. Some tests tests were conducted using the older Jupiter Masterpiece, the JP107 results would be even better.


1. Water Purity Tests

We can run water tests to measure the presence of contaminating agents, such as virus, bacteria, undesirable and dangerous chemicals and waste products.

These laboratory tests were conducted by the Korea Environment and Water Works Institute on Sep. 24 – Oct. 14 2002. Testing method: Korea Water Quality Pollution Standard Test Method. Testing condition:

After 20 liters of tap water were treated by the water ionizer, under 1kgf/cm3 of water pressure and pH neutral in the test sample, the treated water sampled was analysed.

Laboratory comparison tests for tap water and Jupiter Ionized water


Tap water standard concentration

Tap water after ionization

Total Colony Counts

Below 100 CFU/mL

Not detected

Total Coliforms

Not detected -/100mL

Not detected


Not detected -/100mL

Not detected

Pb – Lead

Below 0.05 mg/L

Not detected

F – Iron

Below 1.5 mg/L

Not detected

As – Arsenic

Below 0.05 mg/L

Not detected

Se – Selenium

Below 0.01 mg/L

Not detected

Hg – Mercury

Below 0.001 mg/L

Not detected

CN – Cyanide

Below 0.01 mg/L

Not detected

Cr6+ – Chromium Iron

Below 0.05 mg/L

Not detected

NH3-N – Ammonia

Below 0.5 mg/L

Not detected

NO3-N – Nitrate

Below 10 mg/L

1.4 mg/L

Cd – Cadmium

Below 0.005 mg/L

Not detected

B – Boron

Below 0.3 mg/L

Not detected


Below 0.005 mg/L

Not detected


Below 0.02 mg/L

Not detected


Below 0.06 mg/L

Not detected


Below 0.04 mg/L

Not detected


Below 0.07 mg/L

Not detected


Below 0.1 mg/L

Not detected

PCE Poly Chlorine Ethelyne

Below 0.01 mg/L

Not detected

TCE Tetra Chlorine Ethelyne

Below 0.03 mg/L

Not detected


Below 0.02 mg/L

Not detected


Below 0.01 mg/L

Not detected


Below 0.7 mg/L

Not detected

Ethyl benzene

Below 0.3 mg/L

Not detected


Below 0.5 mg/L

Not detected


Below 0.03 mg/L

Not detected

Carbon tetrachloride

Below 0.002 mg/L

Not detected


Below 0.003 mg/L

Not detected

Free residual chlorine

Below 4.0 mg/L

Not detected

THMs Tetra Halogen

Below 0.1 mg/L

Not detected


Below 0.08 mg/L

Not detected


Below 300 mg/L

71 mg/L

Consumption of KMnO4

Below 10 mg/L

1.6 mg/L







Cu Copper

Below 1 mg/L

Not detected


Below 5 degree

Not detected


Below 0.5 mg/L

Not detected


5.8 ~ 8.5


Zn – Zinc

Below 1.0 mg/L

Not detected

CI – Chlorine ion

Below 250 mg/L

14 mg/L

Total solids

Below 500 mg/L

108 mg/L

Fe – Iron

Below 0.3 mg/L

Not detected

Mn – Manganese

Below 0.3 mg/L

Not detected


Below 0.5 NTU

0.14 NTU

SO4-2 – Sulphate

Below 200 mg/L

18 mg/L

Al – Aluminium

Below 0.2 mg/L

Not detected


2. Measure the pH

We can measure the water’s hydrogen concentration (pH) to determine the level of H+ ions and OH- ions by using a pH meter or special test strips which indicate the level of acidity or alkalinity of the water being investigated.

Water Ionizers produce Alkaline Water with a pH around 9.5 and Acid Water with pH around 4.

3. Measure the ORP or Redox Potential

We can measure the ability of the water to either donate or accept electrons by measuring its Oxidation-Reduction Potential in Millivolts (mV) by using specially designed ORP meters. These meters are widely accepted around the world as scientific measuring instruments.

Comparing ORP/Redox potential for tap water, ionized water and distilled water


Redox (mV)

Tap water



Ionized water



Distilled water




4. Measure the NMR

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) was developed in the fifties as a tool to investigate cellular pathology and may also be employed to measure molecular cluster size and the pH inside cells. The South Korean manufacturer of the water ionizer has recorded the following NMR measurements for the sizes of various water clusters. Hertz (Hz) measures cluster size. Lower Hz indicates less resistance of water into cells, therefore increased absorption.

Ionized Water

(5-6 H2O molecule cluster size, regular shape)


Naturally occurring Spa water

80 Hz

Village water (human longevity)

80 Hz

Mineral ground water

94 Hz

City water

(10-13 H2O molecule cluster size, irregular shape)



5. Measure the Electrical Charge (life force)

Measuring the frequency of the electrical charge around a substance in megahertz (MHz) is considered to be an indicator of vitality. Fresh organic produce and freshly ionized water has been found to exhibit a high level of vital energy whilst processed food and ordinary tap water have been found to have a low electrical charge and low frequency.

Food Item

Average energy

Canned foods

0 MHz

Chocolate cake

2 MHz

Kentucky chicken

3 MHz

Big Mac

5 MHz

Synthetic vitamin and mineral supplements

20 MHz

Ionized water

60 MHz

Fresh fruit

67 MHz

Green vegetables

80 MHz

6. Crystal Images of Water

We can freeze water and observe its crystalline structure since this structure may reflect the level of harmony and goodness carried by that water.

Images of Water Crystals

Images of Water Crystals

In his internationally translated book Messages from Water, Dr. Masaru Emoto gives convincing evidence on how the natural six-sided crystal structure of water is physically influenced by contaminants, sounds, and amazingly, even the energy of thoughts and words.

Remember that we are 70% water by volume and are affected by the same influences.

These are some of Dr Emoto’s pictures: Crystal Images of Water

7. Measure the Mineral Content

We can measure the mineral ion content of the water as compared with tap water

Ionized Water Change compared to tap water


34% increase


43% increase


9% increase


20% increase


14% increase

Total alkalinity

100% increase

Electrical conductivity

24% increase


127% increase

JP107 Specifications

  • Alkaline pH 3 selection levels
  • Acidic pH 3 selection levels
  • Filtered water – same pH (one level)
  • Automatic cleaning for 10 seconds every 20 liters
  • Easy to use and stylish touch screen buttons
  • Automatic Indicator Alert when Filter Requires Replacement
  • Easy installation of unit next to or over sink. Wall-mounted Option
  • Comes with everything to Install Unit
  • Fully automated system using MICOM artificial intelligence with 4 meg ram semiconductor
  • Automatic turn-on, shut-off via the incoming water “switch”/tap.
  • Platinum Titanium Electrodes with Advanced Polymer Patented Technology.
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Overheating prevention, including hot water automatic shut off
  • Self diagnostic system.
  • Automatic turn on, shut off when water pressure is applied.



UK/EU 220V / 50Hz


0.5A 80W

Water Temp

4 ~ 30¡É

Flow rate

Approx 1 gal/min


One touch type

Water Pressure Tolerances

0.7-5 kg/cm2

Operation Type

Auto Start

Shipping Weight

Approx 7Kg


Continue Electrolysis

Filter Duration

Approx 6-9 Months
or 4,300 litres

Filter Type

Biostone 0.1 Micron

Electrode Materials

Platinum Titanium


13″ x 9.75″ x 5.5″

Chlorine Removal


Cleaning Device

Self cleaning on startup

pH Levels

Approx. 5 pH to 10 pH- Depend on water sources

Replacement Filter Type




UK Comparative Costs of Water Purifiers

Running Costs


Water Purifier

Initial Cost

1 Year (4300 liters)

5 years

Total: 5 years

Health Expert Advised


FW Filter







Brita Jug

£15 – 47






RO Unit







Wellness Water








** The International RRP of the JP107 is £750

Glowing Health are offering the Microlite JP107 unit for just £500, including postage in the UK.

With the JP107 installed, your per litre cost of Ionized water will be below £0.05, which is very goo value.

At a running cost of just £0.05 per litre, the JP107 Ionizer works out much cheaper then a Brita Jug filter, and ionized water is much better for you.

Bottled water at around £0.66 per litre, costs over 10,000% per litre more then fresh ionized water.



Ionized Water Clinical Studies


Since its discovery in the early 1960’s, Ionized water has been shown to have unique healing properties. These are a selection of medical reports and scientific studies on its effects


These are a selection of scientific studies looking at the effects chlorination on tap water as well as the accumulation of chemicals, drugs and other chemicals that end up from industrial pollution, the use of medical and recreational drugs and the use of such things as household detergents.



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