Ionized water is unlike any other water except glacier water.It is delicious, light, super hydrating and refreshing water.

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Pictures of the Miraculous effects of Ionized Water

by James Khan

Ionized water has miraculous health enhancing properties that have been scientifically verified. It has been called “Miracle Water” in the 13 Part Japanese National TV Documentary called “Miracle Water” broadcast in the 1990’s, as well as similar documentaries broadcast on Korean national channels…

Japanese, Korean and other scientists are not known for believing in miracles.

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They say that a picture paints a thousand words. These pictures that summarize thousands of pages of scientific research will tell their own story.

A. Anti-Oxidant features and Effects on Blood Cells

Ionized Water: Powerful Anti-Oxidant. Hydrates, energises and re-vitalises Blood Cells

Ionized Water: Powerful Anti-Oxidant. Hydrates, energises and re-vitalises Blood Cells


Ionized water is a powerful anti-oxidant that protects your cells against free radicals thought to cause aging.

Nails placed in ionized Ionized Water do not rust as they do in tap water. In acid water (such as Cola, pH 2.5), they rust much faster.

Our blood is mostly water and the quality of the blood determines our health. Ionized water hydrates, energises and re-vitalises blood cells as no other water can.

The blood cell picture above were taken by a Naturopathic doctor in Australia.

Blood cells photographs taken over a period of six months of drinking alkaline ionized water show that the blood cells are well hydrated, look strong, independent, reflecting the overall good health of the body.

B. Animal Effectiveness Research

1. Ionized Water for Reducing Intestinal Fermentation

(Research conducted by Food Science Course, Faculty of Agriculture, Gifu University.)

Colon health is considered to be at the root of all health or ill-health. Ionized water help the growth of healthy, aerobic (oxygen utilizing) or good bacteria in the gut, while reducing the levels of anaerobic bacteria that can lead to fermentation. Bacteria are known to grow depending on environment that they are in – a well oxygenated environment encourages aerobic bacteria.

In tests the intestinal fermentation suppression effect of alkaline ionized water was confirmed.

In addition, the trend of reducing the malodorous metabolic products of ammonia, phenol, etc. in fecal matter and the effect of suppressing lipid peroxide in blood serum were also verified.

Comparison of the Total amount of Short-chain Fatty Acids in the Appendix

Hayakawa: FOOD STYLE 21, Food

Chemical Journal, Vol. 3, No. 2, pp. 49-55 (1999)] [Hayakawa, et al: 7th Functional Water Symposium Tokyo Conference Program – Summary of Lectures, pp. 78-79 (2000)] [Hayakawa, et al: Functional Water Research Vol. 1, No. 1, p. 45 (2002)

2. Calcium absorption effect 

(Research conducted by Graduate School of Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, Kyoto University)

Ionized water contains alkaline minerals such as Calcium in the ionic. bio-available form that are easily absorbed by the body. These minerals help with bone density and bone growth in the body.

In the tests it was verified that the calcium concentration in bones increased and bone formation was normalized in malformed cases.

This suggested a link to osteoporosis prevention. In addition, the same effect was observed in animal testing using aging-induced mice, and it was verified that alkaline ionized water acted to reduce weakening of the bone structure.

Calcium deficiency Symptoms Alleviated with Ionized Water

Itokawa: Japan Oral Functional Water Academics Society

Journal, pp. 22-23 (2000)] [Takahashi, et al: 6th Functional Water Symposium 1999 Tokyo Conference Program, Summary of Lectures, pp. 8-9 (1999)] [Takahashi, et al: 7th Functional Water Symposium 2000 Tokyo Conference Program, Summary of Lectures, pp. 80-82 (2000)

3. Gastric Mucous Membrane Damage Suppression

(Research conducted by 1st Internal Medicine Dept. of the Kyoto Pref. Medical University)

Healthy mucous membrane lining of the stomach lining is important for digestion, reducing ulcers and ones overall health.

In tests it was verified that drinking alkaline ionized water suppressed gastric mucous membrane damage model (experimental disease condition induced by aspirin).

Pathological Observation of Gastric Mucus.

Yoshikawa, et al: “FRAGRANCE JOURNAL” March issue, pp. 14-17 (1999)] [Naito, et al: “Functional Water Research” Vol. 1, No. 1, p. 43 (2002)] [Y. Naito, T. Yoshikawa, et al: J. Clin, Blochem, Nutr., 43, 69-81 (2003)

4. Life Extending Effects

(Research conducted by Medical Research, Animal Experimentation, Saitama Medical College)

Ionized water has amazing life enhancing effects. It works at the cellular level by helping the cells remove acid wastes and toxins from the body. Ionized water also provides continuous anti-oxidant activity for the cells, helping them to live longer.

The results verified that drinking alkaline ionized water provided life-extending effects in mice. The subjects extended their lives by about 100 days in all cases as compared to purified water. Results with un-purified city tap water would have been even better.

The Ionized water also suppressed lipid peroxides in the blood serum, which also suggested the possibility of anti-aging effects from the water.

Long-term Life Extending Effects of Ionized Water

Suzuki, et al: 8th Functional

Water Symposium 2001 Osaka Conference Program, Summary of Lectures, pp. 34-35 (2001)] [Nishina, et al: “Functional Water Research” Vol. 1, No. 1, p. 32 (2002)

C. Clinical Tests

(Collaborative research by 2nd Internal Medicine Dept. of Shiga Medical University and Dept. of Gastroenterology, National Ohkura Hospital).

1. Antacid effect

6 volunteers from whom consent was received were given alkaline ionized water to drink (1L/day) and the results of measuring pH inside the stomach for 24 hours verified an increase in pH inside the stomach from drinking alkaline ionized water at pH9, which suggested an acid-control effect.

Intra-stomach pH Fluctuation

2. Improved Effects Against Gastrointestinal Symptoms

Patients with gastrointestinal symptoms (chronic diarrhea, constipation, abnormal fermentation in intestines, indigestion, acid indigestion, etc.) from whom consent was received were given alkaline ionized water to drink for 2 weeks.

The results showed that there was an improvement in 88% of the 25 patients. The normalization of bowel movements was also verified  

Effects of Ionized Water on Gastrointestinal Symptoms

For a more objective evaluation, the “double-blind comparison clinical test” was carried out.

Patients with gastrointestinal symptoms from whom consent was received were given alkaline ionized water or purified water to drink for 4 weeks, and the resulting improvement effects were checked.

The results revealed that alkaline ionized water was effective for the stomach and intestines, especially for relatively mild cases.

The effectiveness of ionized waster for chronic diarrhea and constipation was also confirmed.

Gastrointestinal Cases                            Stool Abnormalities

These are a sample of the clinical tests that have proven the effectiveness of alkaline ionized water. There are many other detailed scientific studies that have investigated other effects if Ionized Water, see the Clinical Studies section..


D. Ionized Water and Cancer


Anti Cancer Effects of Ionized Water from Korean studies reported on Korean National TV

Anti Cancer Effects of Ionized Water from Korean studies reported on Korean National TV


These anti-cancer scientific findings were presented in a Korean National TV documentary on the effects of Ionized Water.

The rodents were injected with malignant skin cancer, separated into two groups and the growth of cancer cells measured.

Tumor weight, size and no of cancer colonies halved for rodents fed ionized water as compared with tap water.

The results showed a marked improvement with Ionized Water on both the spread of cancer cells and on the weight of the cancer tumor’s.



Ionized Water Effects by a Cancer Survivor

Ionized Water Effects by a Cancer Survivor

Please note that individual cases such as these don’t mean anything as the results could be due to many factors. However, together with the wealth of scientific research on the miraculous health effects of ionized water, it is a good indication that ionized water does help with cancer cases.

Many Naturopathic doctors do recommend ionized alkaline water as helpful for cancer cases and to prevent cancer.

These are some pages on Cancer and Alkaline Water:

Preventing cancer by Sang Whang, author Reverse Aging

From terminal cancer to terrific health

Ionized water treatment for cancer



 E. Ionized and Skin Conditions


Ionized Water and Skin Conditions

Ionized Water and Skin Conditions

Childhood and adult skin conditions and allergies respond well with ionized water. Skin conditions that can be treated include: Eczema, Dermatitis, Skin Rashes, Psoriasis, Athletes Foot and Acne. 

The process can take several months, but there are no side effects  The skin condition may not re-occur so long as a healthy diet with plenty alkaline water is consumed.

F. Ionized Water and Diabetes

Chronic Diabetes with Gangrene

Ionized Water Used to Treat Diabetes Induced Gangrene

Ionized Water Used to Treat Diabetes Induced Gangrene

Amputation is the only medical option for a chronic diabetic patient who has developed Gangrene.

Or you need a Miracle.


Abe, a chronic diabetic patient with Gangrene was followed by Japanese national TV in the early 90’s as part of the 13 Part, Miracle Water series. His condition was so bad that the doctors had no option but to amputate the foot on one leg and the toe in the other. Diabetic patients at this stage lose skin sensitivity, become very prone to infections, and even small cuts can lead to Gangrene as the blood circulation to the effected parts becomes severely impaired or cut off.

Abe was told by the cameraman about another hospital that treated patients with water that produced good results.  With a slim hope of saving his leg, Abe decided to check-out and check-in to this new hospital – the cameras followed him, and watched his treatment.

The new doctors managed to save his leg and reduce his insulin by applying ionized acid to the foot, and giving him 5 litters of ionized alkaline water per day to drink.


G. Ionized Water Effects on Blood Sugar Levels and Free radicals

Ionized Water Effects on Blood Sugar and Oxygen Free Radical Levels

Ionized Water Effects on Blood Sugar and Oxygen Free Radical Levels

Ionized water was reported to have restored blood sugar levels and reduced the effects of Oxygen free radicals in the body, including the Lungs, Liver and Kidneys.


H. Microwaved Water and Purified Water on Plant Growth

These pictures show that there is more to the life giving properties of water then we know.

You are well advised to stay clear of microwaved foods, and also mobile phones which use microwave technology.


I. Ionized Alkaline Water and Athletic Performance

Ionized water gives a tremendous boost to athletic performance which you can easily verify for yourself. This page gives details of how ionized waster helps sports performance as well as the scientific studies that confirm these effects. It also mentions some sportsmen and sportswomen that have discovered ionized water and its benefits to their performance.


Ionized Water and Sports Performance

Ionized Water and Athletic Performance


J. Ionized Alkaline Water and Weight Loss


K. Images of Water Clusters

Images of Water Crystals

Images of Water Crystals

Dr Emoto has had a number of critics from some scientists that can’t except truth when it is placed in front of their noses. His critics are convinced that it is impossible for water to have memory, reflect thoughts, emotions, musical vibrations and the environment.

You be the judge, you be the witness. Dr Emoto just took the pictures of the crystal images that water made.

Dr Emoto didn’t paint the pictures.

What do the pictures say to you?

Why are some pictures ‘pleasing’ to you, others not?



K. Ionized Water and DNA Protection

Ionized Water Protects the bodies DNA

Ionized Water Protects the bodies DNA

Please read the Published Alkaline Water Clinical Studies below that look at how Ionized Water protects DNA, including:

(Appl Biochem Biotechnol. 2006 Nov;135(2):133-44)

2. Electrolyzed-Reduced Water Scavenges Active Oxygen Species and Protects DNA from Oxidative Damage.”

( Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 1997 May 8;234(1):269-74.)

3. The Mechanism of the Enhanced Antioxidant Effects Against Superoxide Anion Radicals of Reduced Water Produced by Electrolysis.”

(Biophys Chem. 2004 Jan 1;107(1):71-82)

4. Protective Mechanism of Reduced Water Against Alloxan-Induced Pancreatic Beta-cell Damage: Scavenging Effect Against Reactive Oxygen Species

(Cytotechnology, Volume 40, Numbers 1-3, 2002, pp. 139-149(11))


World Renowned Health Experts and Alkaline Water

These are some of the prominent health experts that drink alkaline water and are recommending that you drink Ionized Alkaline water in their published books, papers, lectures and interviews.

Most of these people are world renowned in their fields and have no connections with water ionizer manufacturers – could they be telling you something that would benefit your health?

Will you listen?


Health Experts the Drink Ionized Water and urge you to drink ionized water for your health and well being

Health Experts the Drink Ionized Water and urge you to drink ionized water for your health and well being


Clinical Studies on the effects and uses of ionized water

Since its discovery in the early 1960′s, Ionized water has been shown to have unique healing properties. These are a selection of medical reports and scientific studies on its effects

These are a selection of scientific studies looking at the effects chlorination on tap water as well as the accumulation of chemicals, drugs and other chemicals that end up from industrial pollution, the use of medical and recreational drugs and the use of such things as household detergents.