Primary Perception and Mind Detox

The Emoto Water Messages/Crystals photographs, the Dr. Mu Shik Jhon and other research is evidence that not only is pure natural water good for us, but also why ‘Mind Detox’ is so important; your mind will create poisons in your body if you think poisonous thoughts. Conversely, if you think loving thoughts your body will reflect this at the molecular and cellular levels.

There is a book called ‘The Secret Life of Your Cells’, in which Robert B. Stone, Ph.D., explores the latest research of Cleve Backster. Backster used to work for the CIA with lie detectors. One day he was given a plant as a present, and he wondered if it would give a response to the lie detector. He connected the plant up, but found no response from all his threats. When he was away from his desk, he had an idea: ‘he’d set fire to it’.

On returning he found that the plant had reacted; not only that but it reacted in the same instance that he first had that idea/thought and fully intended to carry it out.

He discovered that plants had feelings and the ability to read our intentions and thoughts instantaneously. This ability is called primary perception.

All our senses such as sight, hearing and taste require a slight time delay while the senses detect the vibration, convey it to the brain, which interprets the data received as information. Primary perception is NOT like that: it is the ability to perceive instantaneously.

Recently those experiments have been done with human cells (initially with sperm cells, then with other cells).

This results show that primary perception is used by the cells of our bodies. It has been observed that this is the case even with the disconnected single cells of our bodies. What the experimental evidence suggests is that the 73 trillion individual cells of your body are far more aware then ‘we’ are; they also smile when you smile! They do this even of you leave them behind.

The Alain Aspect experiment I┬ámentioned in ‘Water and the Tao‘ showed that primary perception seems to be used even at the sub-atomic levels. Sub-atomic particles show a connectivity/communication or perception of other sub-atomic particles instantaneously. This is the case even if the particles are billions of light years away.

It is my belief that the same primary perception that has been observed in plants, the cells in our body and in sub-atomic particles is available to us, but our mind is making too much noise that we don’t realise it, we don’t perceive it. We focus our attention far too much on what we consider to be the ‘real’ senses. In fact, I suspect that this phenomena that has been labelled ‘Primary Perception’ is the first direct evidence the Oneness that is behind all things.

It has been demonstrated that at the building-block, sub-atomic level all things are illusory. There is nothing solid in the universe. It is only solid (ie exists as a particle at the building block level) because of the mind.

This is why mind detox, moving into silence (mental) or moving into the Now is so vital. It is the only way out of the illusion.

Also, while we are in the illusion, it is the way to make this illusion more pleasant too!

So, either think no thoughts or if you must think, think only good, pleasant thoughts.