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The Kenko Six Filter Bio-Ceramic Energy Water Purifier

How Do Bio-Ceramic Filters Work

Super Six Filters

Filter 1:
Purification and Bactericidal System

Filter 2
Far Infrared Porcelain

Filter 3
Minternalisation and Bactericidal

Filter 4
Ionic Absorption

Filter 5
EC3000 Energy Filter

Filter 6
Activated Charcoal and KDF



Kenko Awards and Recognitions

Kenko Six Filter Bio-Ceramic Energy Water Purifier

Bio-Ceramic Filters are very effective, natural ways to purify and energise water. They have been used in Jupiter water ionizers since 2004, and in portable alkaline water devices such as the Alkalark.

Bio-Ceramics are a natural way to purify water, and have been known to make a significant difference to water purification.

The Kenko is the most advanced bio-ceramic water filtration system in the world.

It includes the renowned “Mai Fan Shi” longevity stone filter, a FIR porcelain filter, the EC3000 filter made from 26 clays and mineral oxides, and Activated Charcoal Filters.


How Do Bio-Ceramic Filters Work

Bio-ceramic filters pass water through natural clays, stones and minerals. The provide natural magnetite resonance and minerals contained in the special stones, minerals and clays to the passing water.

The resonance helps break down the water molecule into smaller clusters and energizes the water. Bio-ceramic filters produce natural alkaline water with additional oxygen as bio-active OH- hydroxyl ions.

Drinking alkaline, micro-clustered water activates our cells and accelerates the speed of removong toxins, which can reverse the aging process.

Kenko bio-ceramic water is very pure, tastes great, does not have any side effects and has many health benefits that are associated with drinking alkaline, micro-clustered water.

Kenko bio-ceramic water can restrain the multiplication of microbes to ensure normal cell growth in our body. It can also improve the functionality of our organs back to its optimum level and helps our body in recovery.

Acidosis is the main cause of many modern day diseases. Kenko produces alkaline, micro-clustered water that neutralizes the effect of acid in our body. Medical studies have shown that it is easy to prevent illness if our body in an alkalized state. If Kenko is consumed often, our body will stay healthy and be able to recover more rapidly from illnesses.

With a six filter system you will have complete peace of mind knowing that you and your family are drinking crystal pure water with no disease-causing toxins and water that has all the wonderful life-enhancing goodness that Nature intended.


Super Six Filters

The Kenkp Six Filter System is the most advanced Bio-Creamic Filter system in the world. It effectively removes most toxins from Water, including:

  • Bacteria
  • Viruses
  • Parasites
  • Sediments
  • Mud
  • Rust
  • Chlorine
  • Lead
  • Organic chemicals
  • Pesticides
  • Herbicides
  • Factory and urban by-products
  • Nitrates from fertilizer ore contamination
  • Trihalomethanes and other dangerous chemicals
  • Poly aromatic hydrocarbons


Filter 1
Purification and Bactericidal

A Dupont MicroFree® Anti-Bacteria Filter and an Activated Charcoal Block Filter.

This charcoal filter filters most toxins from the water.

There is a bactericidal effect to prevent reproduction of residual bacteria. It also break water into smaller molecules and thus improving the effectiveness of the next filter.

Filter 2:
Far Infrared and Porcelain

Earths Natural infrared minerals are able to charge or energise the water in the same way that sunlight does. Made from Diatomaceous Earth, which are deposits from the bottom of lakes and lagoons that have been compressed and baked at high temperatures.

Filter 3:
Mineralization and Bactericidal Filter

This filter has the renowned Mai Fan Shi longevity stone and an exclusive combination of mineral stones. It has antibacterial function and the mineral stone produces high quantity of essential minerals and trace elements which can be easily absorb by our cells. These minerals and trace elements are very important for maintaining good health. It is beneficial for animals and plants too.

Filter 4:
Ionic Absorption Filter

An ion exchange resin softens the water using ionic absorption. It also converts the pH of the water to mild alkaline which is beneficial to our health. Activated Carbon Block removes all unpleasant odors, colors, and toxic substances such as chlorine, trihalomethanes (THMs), organic chemicals and even radioactive compounds.

Filter 5:
EC3000 Energy Filter

This is the powerful EC3000 Energy Filter, with bio-ceramic beads made from 26 clays and mineral oxides.

It magnetizes, energizes and enrichs the water. It gives it a high density of oxygen and causes the water to remain fresh for a long period of time.

The EC3000 Filter is designed to last for a lifetime and does not need replacing.

Filter 6:
Activated Charcoal and KDF

This is another activated charcoal filter that includes high precision Activated Carbon blocks and KDF Granular Activated Carbon Blocks.

It ensure the total absorption and decomposition of any remaining poisons, heavy metal and carcinogen in the water.


Available Online from: Glowing-Health.co.uk

Price: £350

Kenko Awards and Recognitions

Water quality approved by British Byelaws Scheme. Conform fully to United States FDA & EPA Quality Standards. Conform to International Safety Standards. Effective removal of all heavy metals, radioactive substances, chemicals and pesticides.
Smallest water molecule cluster, certified by Probe Analytical, Australia.
100% environmental friendly certification Tested food grade quality geprufte hedensmittelguali-tat. The Newly Energy Converter Technology discharge more than several times the energy to break water molecule clusters to the smallest. It contains O2 capacity more than normal water 10 times.
Water Quality certified by Water Quality Association, United States
Water quality approved by Member Of The SGS Group (Society generale de Surveillance). Approved by CICS, England. Environment & unpleasant approved by GS. Rein-Land.



Magnetite: A common black magnetic mineral consisting of iron oxide. It is an important ore of iron.
Resonance: The property of some chemical compounds of having characteristics of two or more electronic structures simultaneously.
Excreting: Physiology to isolate and discharge waste matter generated during metabolism.
Microbes: A microscopic organism, especially one that transmits a disease.
Idioblast: A specialized plant cell that differs considerably from others in the same area of tissue.
Parasites: An organism that lives on or in another, usually larger, host organism in a way that harms or is of no advantage to the host.
Pesticides: A chemical substance used to kill pests, especially insects.
Herbicides: A chemical preparation designed to kill plants, especially weeds, or to inhibit their growth.
Trihalomethanes: A chemical compound such as chloroform that is derived from methane, contains three halogen atoms, and is formed especially during the chlorination of drinking water.
Hydrocarbons: An organic chemical compound containing only hydrogen and carbon atoms, arranged in rows, rings, or both, and connected by single, double, or triple bonds.
Bactericidal: A substance or agent that destroys bacteria.
Natrium: The Latin name for sodium, which gave it its chemical symbol of Na.
Criterion: An accepted standard used in making decisions or judgments about something.
Carcinogen: A substance or agent that can cause cancer. Radiation and some chemicals and viruses are carcinogens.

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