Victor Earl Irons: Pioneer of Detox

Pioneer, Nutritionist and Health Freedom Fighter


Early Life Crippling Arthritis

Fasting and Cleansing Cure


Imprisonment and Health Freedom Fights

Second Family at 72!

The Father of Modern Detox, Fasting and Cleansing Therapies

V.E Irons Inc: The Original Family Firm

V.E Irons Nutritional Philosophy

VE Irons Pioneering Health Work


Early Life

Victor Earl Irons was born on January 23, 1895 in West Virginia, USA. He graduated from Yale University in 1919.

In his younger years he sold aluminum pots and pans, ate refined flour, sugar, and had a weakness for chocolate bars.

ve irons

Crippling Arthritis

He was diagnosed with a crippling arthritic spinal ailment called ankylosing spondylosis at the age of 40.

Ankylosing spondylosis is also known as Marie Strumpell Disease, an arthritic condition where calcium deposits into spurs in exactly the same relative position on every vertebra of the spine. They grow at the same rate, spreading the vertebrae apart and bending the spine, so that over time the patient begins to stoop imperceptibly. Within 20 years, the body is doubled over so that the head is below the knee.

Six different medical doctors in Boston, Massachusetts told him that there was no cure. The doctors all told Victor that he would be soon confined to a wheel chair. This was back in 1935.


Fasting and Cleansing Cure

V.E Irons refused to accept this verdict, and began to study the medical literature recorded by early luminaries of naturopathic medicine like Dr Tilden and Dr Kellogg.

He then decided to take matters in his own hands by treating his condition with a series of therapeutic fasts and self-administered colonics.

His experience and the complete cure it effected within 14 months led him to devote the rest of his long life to research and development of this natural way to detoxify and heal the body.



For twelve years, Victor Irons traveled throughout the country lecturing and teaching his principles of health to Rotary, Lions, Kiwanis, Optimist Clubs, Lodges, Church organizations, and PTA groups.

He then decided to produce and distribute products that would help people achieve proper nutrition and proper elimination, to live in harmony with Natural Law.


Imprisonment and Health Freedom Fights

In the 1956 Victor Irons was imprisoned for publicly stating his revolutionary views on human health and healing and refusing to recant them under legal pressure by the medical establishment.

In a plea bargaining session prior to sentencing, the prosecutor and judge Francis J.W. Ford promised Irons he would not go to prison or pay any fine if he would just plead guilty and promise never again to claim that there was a need in human nutrition for the wholesome vitamins, minerals, fiber, and herbs he was selling, for which FDA said no need had ever been established.

The FDA and government prosecutors also insisted he agree to never again claim or imply that

“Nearly everyone in this country is suffering from malnutrition or in danger of such suffering because of demineralization and depletion of soils and the refining and processing of foods.”

Irons refused this plea bargain, stating that,

“He would see them all in Hell before he signed his name to a bunch of lies and falsehoods.”

Victor Irons was fined $6,000 and sentenced to 6 years, one for each count. He paid the fine and served 6 months at the federal penitentiary at Danbury, Connecticut rather than recant his teachings.

Victor was a plant lover. Robert Irons, they son of Victor, says that V.E. Irons started to grow food in even on jail. He made a garden. He got the other prisoners involved gardening and eating better!

Irons became a national health hero to thousands of health food store owners and enthusiasts who were equally “guilty” of selling therapeutic foods that FDA said were legally “drugs”.

The Food and Drug Law was clear. It defined a “drug” as “…any article intended for use in the cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease in man.”

That, of course, is exactly the “intended” use of health foods.

After his release from prison, Irons helped found the National Health Federation, and served on its Board of Governors for more than 20 years. He gave thousands of dollars and hours of service to NHF to help make it the most powerful health freedom lobby organization in America. NHF was able to get the Proxmire Vitamin Bill introduced and unanimously enacted by Congress in 1976. It prohibited FDA from banning vitamins and minerals as drugs based on their potency.

In an ironic turn of events, Daniel Reid explains that 30 years later President Ronald Reagan heaped public praise on him for his excellent work in health and presented him with a National Award for contributions to the science of longevity.

Second Family at 72!

Victor Irons remained healthy and active throughout his life, starting a second family at the age of 72 and fathering his last child at the age of 80. Sadly, he died in a car accident at the age of 98.


The Father of Modern Detox, Fasting and Cleansing Therapies

Daniel Reid dedicated his book The Tao of Detox to V.E Irons and said:

“During the course of his life, V.E.Irons perfected a system of self-detoxification based on fasting and colonic cleansing that this writer regards as one of the most important contributions to modern medicine and world health in the 20th century.”


Daniel Reid outlined Victor Irons self-detoxification program in his best selling book The Tao of Health, Sex and Longevity, written in the late 1980’s, which has become a bible for health, detox and cleansing processes the world over.

This book has been quoted everywhere; if you come across a 7 day detox program described on the internet, chances are that it will be from Daniel Reid’s book, and based primarily on the pioneering work of Victor Irons.

Other influential authors that have helped Victor Irons teachings to be spread worldwide have included Dr Bernard Jensen, author of “Tissue Cleansing Through Bowel Management“, which included many of the pictures taken of a number of colon cleanses using the V.E Irons 7 Day Program.

Only this program produces the results.

I and the thousands of others that have followed Irons 7 Day Self-detoxification and Cleansing Program over the years owe Victor Irons a debt of gratitude that can not be measured in monetary terms, for it has given us life, health and vitality.

I would not have the good health that I have, would not be writing this and there would be no were it not for Victor Irons.

When you take up the 7 Day Day Detox program, and remove the toxic filth contained in your own colon, you too will begin to appreciate the contribution that Irons has made to human health and longevity.


V.E Irons Inc: The Original Family Firm

Victor Irons founded V.E. Irons, Inc. in 1946 to produce and distribute a superior line of pure and natural vitamins, minerals, and internal cleansing aids to help people achieve their optimal health.

V.E. Irons, Inc. continues to be a family owned and operated company that preserves his integrity, principles and reputation in every product that they have manufactured and distributed for over 60 years.

The original products are still manufactured precisely as per Victor Irons pioneering methods and are available via local distributors.

In the UK are proud to market V.E Irons original Vitratox products and Colema Boards.



V.E Irons Nutritional Philosophy

V.E. Irons developed a nutritional philosophy where health is seen as a state of Spiritual, Mental and Physical well being. It is the result of correct set of: Faiths, Beliefs, Thoughts, Air, Water, Drink, and Food.

1. Spiritually – We are the sum total of our innermost and continued Faiths and Beliefs

2. Mentally – We are the sum total of our innermost and repeated thoughts.

“As ye think in your heart, so are ye!”

3. Physically – We are the sum total of the physical materials – Food, Drink, Air and Water.

4. The Fundamental principle with regard to Natural Health is that “Every cell of the body is served by the blood”, which:

Nourishes the cell.

Replaces “worn out” parts.

Carries away the waste products.

5. We should work with NATURE to furnish the body and the bloodstream with what is needed nutritionally to strengthen body resistance and to avoid malfunction of any body tissue.

“If therefore something goes wrong organically with a part of the body, whether it be the brain, nerves, bones, organs, glands, or skin, then in all probability the nutritionally-derived material in the BLOOD was not of a quality or quantity necessary to do what NATURE intended.”

Nature does not fail us. We fail her.

Our belief in Natural Law is that to remain nutritionally HEALTHY and HAPPY one should consume LIVE NATURAL FOODS.

“Eat nothing unless it will spoil or rot – but eat it before it does.” – Dr. E.V. McCollum.

Get your nutrition first from food, then from whole food supplements.

When we are unable to consume live, natural food (i.e. consume processed foods and/or demineralized soils, etc.), we must supplement the diet with whole food supplements.

Maintain the “life” in your diet by eating raw foods and consuming live whole food supplements.

6. We should do regular (annual or bi-annual) 7 Day Cleanse Programs

“Bowel problems can cause nutritional deficiency, regardless of how good your diet is or how many vitamins you take.” – V.E. Irons.

“Most people are aging because they are walking cesspools. They are literally rotting and decaying from the inside out.” – V.E. Irons.

7. Get Back to Nature!

Clean the body inside and out. Eat natural foods only (50% raw to start then gradually increase). Supply deficiencies, if any, with natural whole food dietary supplements.


VE Irons Pioneering Health Work

VE Irons was one of the great health pioneers. He invented products like Greenlife made by juicing, then drying young cereal grasses like Wheat Grass, Oats, Rye and Barley Grasses. GreenLife was first produced in 1953 under the Vitratox label, and is still manufactured in exactly the same natural way that preserves all the nutrients and enzymes from the cereal grasses.

Irons also pioneered the use of psyllium and bentonite to clean out the digestive tract and promote bowel health. He was the first to formulate a USP Grade Bentonite product called the V.E. Iron’s Vitratox Bentonite Detoxificant #16 as used in internal cleansing programs.

V.E Iron’s original 7 Day Cleanse is still today by far the best and most effective form of self-detoxification available on the planet.


Why does toxic waste from bad food taken in wrong combinations accumulate in the colon? 

V. E. Irons explains this in his newsletter as follows:

“When food that is not wholesome or is harmful to the body reaches the stomach, word is immediately sent from the stomach to the mucus manufacturer, warning, ‘Get busy, the enemy is on the way!’ We know that mucus starts to be produced immediately and the colon is lined with it. 12-18 hours later, when the poisoned or harmful food from the stomach finally enters the colon, the latter is well prepared with a layer of mucus lining it, so that the body does not absorb any of the poison. Were this to happen once or even several times a month, this mucus, having been used, would disintegrate and slowly be discharged from the colon with no harm done.

But it is now certainly apparent that nature never intended that protective mechanism to be used as continuously as it is today . . . The result is that layer on top of layer is secreted until its accumulation thickens to 1/8″ to 1/4″ thick. Sometimes this layer or layers gets to 3/8″ to 1/2″ in thickness, becoming as hard and black as a piece of old hardened rubber you see on a highway, torn from a truck tire.

We have had specimens preserved in alcohol from several inches to a few feet in length, while the longest we have had was 27 feet, in one piece. Sometimes it will come out as a pile weighing as much as 11 pounds and continuing to come out for several days to a week.

Regardless of your financial standing, regardless of your past health history, regardless of your age or sex, YOU (meaning the reader and 95% of the USA) do have this hardened mucus in your colon, and you will be amazed by what comes out of you.”


Irons cites the experience of one of the most famous and highly respected surgeons in American history, Dr Harvey Kellogg of Battle Creek, Michigan, who wrote,

“Of the 22,000 operations I have personally performed, I have never found a single normal colon.”

This was back at the turn of the century, long before American eating habits had become completely corrupted by processed, denatured foods as today.

As Irons puts it:

“About the only place you see a normal healthy colon today is in an anatomy book!”

“You will probably continue with wrong combinations of food as long as you live and so will continue to need a series of colon cleanings.”


In his book, Colon Health: The Key to a Vibrant Life, 116-year-old Dr Walker agreed:

“The elimination of undigested food and other waste products is equally as important as the proper digestion and assimilation of food.

The very best diets can be no better than the very worst if the sewage system of the colon is clogged with a collection of waste and corruption.”