Why Detoxify Now?

A hundred years ago cancer was a rare occurrence, killing less than 1 in 100. Today, cancer kills 1 in 4. Some 90% of all cancer cases can be traced to pollution, diet and stress. Today, it is estimated that by the time a person is 18, he will have consumed well over his body weight in additives and preservatives alone.

As with cancer, the current unprecedented levels of dis-ease conditions such as heart disease, lung disease, chronic fatigue, Alzheimer’s, diabetes and arthritis are caused by tissue toxicity brought on mainly by pollution and the denatured food, full of preservatives, chemicals and additives that we now eat.

We can’t do much about environmental pollution, but we can detoxify now and remove the accumulated poisons from our bodies before they kill us. Effective self-detoxification helps remove toxemia and can help eradicate the root cause of disease.

Pollution = Toxemia = Disease = Death

Detox = Health = Beauty = Vitality = Vibrant Life

Self-detoxification will help us:

  • To have more energy
  • To be more relaxed
  • To be free of stress and negativity
  • To look and feel good
  • To be in our natural state of vibrant health
  • To have a strong natural immunity to disease
  • To have more joy, pleasure and happiness in life
  • To live life to the full