It might sound like heresy, but the truth is that HIV does not cause AIDS.
Do your own research to find out for your self.

This is a well researched article that lists 100 reasons why HIV does not cause AIDS – even one reason would have been sufficient.

Q: What causes AIDS then if it’s not HIV?
A: Drugs (legal and recreational) and life style.

This is an introduction to Professor Duesberg work: Duesburg: The AIDS Dilema

Duesberg is an expert on Retro-Viruses and has done a lot of genuine research into the true cause of AIDS.

Duesberg explains that drugs and lifestyle are the cause of AIDS, not HIV.


For example, Duesberg in 1987 presented over 4000 cases of patients who have the symptoms of AIDS, but no HIV antibodies.

Presumably, these 4000 consumed drugs and led unhealthy lifestyles that eventually led to immune dysfunction.

Since the 1980’s when Robert Gallo announced to the world without any evidence that he had isolated the virus that caused AIDS, thousands of scientists have shown that this is not the case. Duesberg and many other ethical academics have amassed an extensive resource of research articles, interviews and books to explain that the HIV causes AIDS theory is a myth. These writers and researchers that have been working and writing to expose the lies behind AIDS, and exposing the pharmaceutical cartels that are profiting from the lies.

Do a google search on ‘Why HIV does not cause AIDS’ and research for yourself, ignoring the official smokescreen.

Watch this google video that looks at Peter Duesburg and other researchers findings:

Decide for yourself.