Colon cleanse pictures

by James Khan

These are pictures showing some of the stuff that you will get rid of during the Irons/Reid 7 Day Cleanse Program.

The enemy within:
the snakes that live inside our colon

Often people don't believe that there exists this deadly mucoid gunk in the colon, built up over the years, which needs to be removed if you are to enjoy good health. They need to be shown it, to believe it - so here it is from my experience.

There is though a difference between believing and knowing for certain, from what is presented by someone else, and what is your own personal experience.

Try it for yourself.

When you take it this gunk out of yourself, and see it with your own eyes, you won't then just believe it, you'll know it!

Then you'll thank Dr V.E. Irons for showing the way.

This stuff is deeply entrenched; it's been there for years, it seems to become a part of the body and starts to poison you from within.

Ask yourself this question:

Do you want to carry this garbage inside you for the rest of your life?

Detox programmes and detox diets have become fashionable now, and there are many different ones available to cater for the growing, multi billion market. In fact, the word detox has been hijacked by the marketing people as a means of marketing expensive supplements, and detox programmes that don't do anything.

However, only the original V.E Irons 7-Day programme as formulated by V.E. Irons in 1935 and explained in books like The Tao of Health by Daniel Reid and Dr. Bernard Jensen's Guide to Better Bowel Care works to effectively remove these deadly toxins from your system.

I want to stress that this is something that you need to do, you can't take a pill or a drug that will do it for you.

Take my advice; get rid of it now or face a slow death from the toxic filth.

Fortunately, it's an easy, simple process that anyone can do, as the video and pictures here will show you.

You can do it at home. We also offer detox retreats where we will guide you through the 7 day cleanse programme, where you will be doing it with like minded people.


The 7 Day V.E Irons/Daniel Reid

Detox, fasting and cleansing programme video




7 day cleanse programme pictures

The first of the following pictures were taken by me during the fourth week of May 2006, during my summer 7 day Cleanse. Others pictures are from people that have taken the program, including Dr Bernard Jensen and other people that have undertaken this programme.

I have been doing this once or twice for the last 16 years.

I eat well, and look after my health. My diet is over 60% raw foods with lots of greens, fruits, juices, and lots of alkaline water. If I'm full of so much crap after all these years, chances are, so are you!


Me, 'surfing' as someone doing the cleanse put it. The process devised by VE Irons is ingenious and very simple. It requires a colema board, a 5 gallon bucket, tubing and pure, clean, preferably alkaline water.


A coleme board is something we all should have.


Mine is a folding wooden board that I bought mine in 1994 from Colema Boards of California, and it's still going strong!

Now, though, you can buy the new deluxe Colema Board, made from special plastic material, which is stronger, lighter, easier to clean and easier to use.

So if you want to start, that would be the one to go for.


The rubber tubing and the syringe comes with it. It's a bit difficult to photograph water, but notice how the syringe has these eight small holes at the side (where the water can flow out from)?

These ensure that the water flows even if the main outlet gets temporarily blocked.

Now for the results - from a colander placed under the board.


The results from day 3.

Note that there are undigested black grapes. I had to modify the program slightly as I had to do some very heavy lifting in the second day and felt my blood sugar was low, so had some black grapes.

Incidentally, there is a also a grape fast, or Grape Cure, where you fast just on black grapes for a week.



Another good evacuation. This kind of stuff just keeps coming out with each colonic - twice a day is recommended in the Program.






I used to pass out a lot of black, tough stuff crap, a bit like car tyres. Now, with regular cleansing and attention to diet with a lot of green foods, the stuff is a bit less hideous. And the process is quite straightforward. I look forward to it.



Try it and you'll feel relieved, lighter, happier and thanking God that this deadly stuff is out......





















Do you wonder why colon and other cancers are on the increase?

"It's impossible to describe in words what an enormous relief it is to see all that revolting, noxious, toxic sludge come out rather than stay in your body."

Daniel Reid


I hope this gives you the motivation to take up the Irons/Reid 7 Day Cleanse Program. I've been doing this once or twice for around 12 years now; take my advice and do it - you can thank me for it afterwards!


If you need more motivation, the following final picture is a very extreme case: