Tantra and Tao workshops and classes

with James Khan


Tantra is the Royal Path to Union. It is a process of inner awakening, flowering and self-empowerment. This inner journey leads to the discovery of deeper states of power, love and ecstasy within oneself.

The Taoist traditions are practical ways to live in harmony with nature, attain good health, sex, longevity and an attunement to the Way.

These are practical classes and workshops that we offer which will change your life for the better from within.

Whether you are new to this or experienced, you are welcome.

You will have great fun and experince gentle transformation in a safe environment with like minded individuals.

These will be a practical session, and include:

Introduction to Tantra and the Tao 

Chanting, Chi Kung - Breath and Movement 

Partner yoga and dance 

Massage Lessons and Practice - Learn to give each other a Holistic Five Pillar Massage 


These ancient yogic, tibetan, taoist and sufi practices are specifically designed to help:

Heal the fears around sexuality that block your potential to love 

Strengthen your sexual life force and remove blockages 

Love yourself as you are and be yourself 

Drop the masks and barriers and be open to love 

Honour the body as the temple of Spirit 

Bring consciousness to and strengthen your sexuality 

Enjoy pleasure, fulfillment and satisfaction 

Unite sexuality with love and spirituality 

Expand your pleasure into love, bliss, ecstasy 

Whether you are new to this or experienced, you are welcome.

Clothes Suggestion: wear light cotton fabrics such as slacks and t-shirts, that you can move and dance comfortably in.

To register, you can join the London Tantra and Tao group on meetup.com and RSVP for the next session.