Ionized alkaline water is unlike any other water except glacier water.It is delicious, light, super hydrating and refreshing water. It is made with a water ionizer such as the Microlite JP107 Ionizer, available from for just £500,


Ionized Water and Microlite Ionizer

Ionized Water and Microlite Ionizer



This is an overview of ionized water and infra red sauna research.


Overview of Ionized Water and Infra Red Sauna Research

Ionized water and infra red saunas are two of the simplest, most effective items to help your body detoxify and to maintain your general health.


A. Ionized Water Research

Since its discovery in the early 1960;’s, Ionized water has been shown to have unique healing properties. These are a selection of medical repotrs and scientific studies that have been made on its effects


B. Water Research

There is now ample evidence that our tap water contains contaminant and should be purified at source, that is at your kitchen sink..

These are a selection of scientific studies looking at the effects chlorination on tap water as well as the accumulation of chemicals, drugs and other chemicals that end up from industrial pollution, the use of medical and recreational drugs and the use of such things as household detergents.


C. Infra Red Sauna Research

These are a selection of scientific studies on the effects of infra red saunas, their ability to aid the removal of toxins from the body by sweat therapy and the medical use of infra red saunas by health experts.