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Lotus Far Infrared (FIR) Dome Sauna

Lie Down, Relax, and Enjoy The Total 360° Degree Surround of the

Lotus FIR (Far Infrared) Sauna

Keeping the head outside and cool while lying down is the optimal way to get the most benefits of far infrared heat with the least discomfort.

Lying down in the dome sauna promotes distinct cardiovascular and neurological advantages. Laying down relieves the nervous system and cardiovascular system of the extra stress that is required to maintain an erect posture.


Lotus FIR Dome Sauna Features


1. Very comfortable, covers entire body aside from our head

2. 360° degree of FIR heat on the front & back of our body

3. Easy to set up, maintain and store

4. Portable and lightweight, can be carry anywhere & anytime

5. Premium quality elements

6. ACF Technology – Active Carbon Fiber Heating Elements & Bio-Ceramic Heaters

7. Dome shape focuses the FIR energy, providing a complete 360° degree FIR radiant heat

8. Reflects FIR energy w/frequencies that are body-friendly, 7-15 micron wavelength

9. Variable & adjustable control over temperature & time

10. Uses very little electricity

11. Compact, allows more effective exposure to Far Infrared Rays

12. Lying down is the most beneficial way to have a sauna










Sauna Manufacturer for FIR Far Infrared Dome Sauna

Specifications and Parts Identification

This system is composed of the following parts: silver nylon cover, heating blanket, air pillow, air pump, silver floor mat, heater, controller and arc stand.

1. Take the dome sauna out from the carrying bag and inflate the pillow.
2. Roll the dome sauna smoothly.
3. Fix the belts onto the left and right side of the arc stand.
4. The dome sauna is ready to be use.
FIR Far Infrared Dome Sauna Manufacturer for Home Healthcare Weight Loss Equipments

Technical Data

Model FIR Dome Sauna Size of cover 75 x 48(h) x 180cm
Heating blanket Size 100*65cm Heater 15.8 x 19(h) x 24.5cm
Size of Floor Mat 900 x 197cm Size of bag 88 x 50(h) x 25cm (complete)
Voltage DS-689FA

AC 220-240V,


Power 1000Q
DS-689FB AC 100-120V, 50/60HZ
Power Cord Plug to controller: 250 cm

Controller to radiator: 250cm

Weight 9.5kg

Bio-Ceramic FIR Heater

Bio-Ceramic FIR Heater’s heating elements are small barium titanate bio-ceramic stones with self temperature limiting characteristics. This stones have fast heating response times and plateau once the pre-defined reference temperature is reached. The shape of these stones can be be designed to be square, rectangular, round, ring or doughnut style.

The materials used are doped polycrystalline bio-ceramics based on barium titanate. Once the bio-ceramic body has been formed through processes including blending, milling, drying and sintering, metallized contacts are applied to the surface to facilitate electrical connection.

Carbon Fiber FIR Heating Mat

Manufacturer for Home Healthcare Weight Loss Equipments FIR Far Infrared Dome Sauna

Carbon Fiber heating element is a translucency carbon fiber film between two polyesters. It heats by emitting far-infrared rays when electricity powered. These heaters are often branded as ” Organic Carbon ” heaters.

Carbon Fibers emit the most even and direct FAR-infrared than any other FIR heaters and operates at lower temperatures. The materials used are C, SiO2, PbO, Fe203 + Al203, Cao, MgO, ZnO. Elements in Heater listed above: Silicon, Carbon, Lead, Iron, Aluminum, Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc, Sodium, Potassium, Boron and Barium.

The Lotus Flower and Detox


The lotus flower is often found floating on muddy, dirty ponds; yet it maintains its beauty and purity, untainted by the pollution around it.

The lotus seeds in the bottom of muddy, dirty ponds, totally surrounded by darkness, with not a glimmer of light; it gently moves up as if an inner knowledge is guiding it and eventually reaches the surface and to the light, where it flowers.

As it does so, it improves the water around it, which becomes clearer, transparent and allows light and life to flow into the pond.

The Lotus is the perfect symbol for mind-body detox, as it has been a symbol of the Chinese culture, Buddhism and the path of Enlightenment.

Are we not like the lotus seed, surrounded by darkness, ignorance and pollution, though it may seem as if we are living in advanced, enlightened times?

Benefits of Lotus FIR Sauna

Optimum Relaxation

In just minutes the Relax Dome Sauna will deeply relax the body. Used as day therapy in the home for release of tension and completely bath the body (360 degrees) in wonderful penetrating far infrared heat as well as negative ions that are valued for their healing and anti-aging properties


Increased blood circulation and improved oxygen supplies to the skin with increased core body temperature from FIR ( FAR INFRARED )promote improved exchange of nutrients into cells and the discharge of toxins

Improved Blood Circulation

Increase in blood circulation. Encourages a healthy flow of nutrients to … of FIR ( FAR INFRARED )within the body can be replenished. The health of the whole system depends on the movement of blood and energy throughout. By dilating blood vessels and penetrating deeply into he body the Relax Dome Sauna increases and strengthens circulation without causing any stress on the system.

Pain Relief

Radiant heat expands and dilates peripheral blood vessels. This action brings relief to muscles and soft tissue injuries. In addition, increased blood circulation delivers oxygen-rich blood to injured muscles which helps to speed up the body’s natural recovery process. Effective in helping reduce the pain of arthritis, back pain, muscle spasms, headache, etc

Injury Rehabilitation

Radiant heat helps with sprains, strains, arthritis, muscle spasms and pain

Strengthening of the Cardiovascular & Immune System

As core body temperature rises their is corresponding increase in immune chemicals and the self healing abilities of the body become more effective. As our heart pumps blood at a greater rate, giving us the same benefits as a cardiovascular workout. Heart rate, cardiac output and metabolic rate increase, while diastolic blood pressure drops, resulting in improved physical fitness

Most Suitable For:

Home or Office Use

Massage Therapists


Integrative Medical Doctors / Clinics

Naturopathic Doctors

Nurses & NPs

Dentists & Hygienists

Surgeons & Plastic Surgeons

Estheticians / Cosmetologists


Veterinarians (holistic)

Day Spas & Salons

Physio Therapists

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